Congaree National Park photos (Columbia free outdoor fun for the whole family)

Visit the Congaree National Park, world renown natural wonder, rich in history and biodiversity the entire family can enjoy year around for FREE! Half an hour drive from Columbia, the swamp park is the world’s tallest deciduous forest and the country’s largest and few remaining old-growth floodplain forests. It features splendid cathedral like canopies, an amazing wildlife and miles of hiking, canoeing, camping and fishing along the mysterious Congaree river.

Well that’s a family friendly travel destination worth shouting about!

Read more about it on my previous Congaree National Park family visit post.

Happy outdoor family vacationing in beautiful South Carolina!


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  1. It would be helpful if there were obvious signs at the trailheads marking the non-dog trails. Otherwise one has to do an awful lot of backtracking to return to another trail and find the way back. Aside from that, my dog and I enjoyed our hike.

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