The “Giant” Blue Sky Zip Line Facts and Trivia (awesome fun at Carolina Adventure World)

2009 Update: This season it seems the zipline schedule and prices have changed. As of now only the Giant Blue Sky line is open and only on Saturdays in late afternoon (4-7PM). The price has been also reduced to just $5. To ride all 3 lines and on different days you need advanced group reservations. My advice is to call them ahead at (803)-482-3689 or check the website.

This entire post is dedicated to the awesome, guaranteed fun, adrenaline pumping canopy zip line rides at the Carolina Adventure World, Blue Sky lanch platform located half way between Charlotte and Columbia. Check my previous entry to learn more about all the cool stuff kids and parents who LOVE to act like kids can do every day.

Facts and trivia

1. There are 3 zip-lines: 1,300, 850 and respectively 1,100 feet long.

The first one, the Blue Sky “Giant” line, is by far the most popular. It takes about 45 seconds to ride through.

2. Want to be cool and play along the commands? Once you’re harnessed, the helmet is on and you’ve heard all the safety instructions the lingo goes like this:

Launch: “Ready to zip?”
Landing: “Zip is clear”
Launch: “Zipping”
Landing: “Zip away”

And off you go….from here you’re on your own (until you get close to the landing platform of course!). If you’re brave enough to keep your eyes open you’ll be rewarded with breath-taking views of the park covering a hundred of miles of forest and trails.

3. The riding equipment consists of harness and helmet, lanyard, carabiner, and the pulley. All is professional grade and provided for free the entire show.

Frequently asked questions

How high is the line?
The start for first 2 lines Side view of 2nd zip line is about 22 feet high; the launch platform at the Cedar Tower for the canopy zip line is about 4 stories high.

How fast will I go?
It varies from person to person based on weight, wind conditions, skill level and willingness to go faster or slower.

How long is the ride?
Blue Sky is about 45 seconds, the 2nd line is about 30 seconds and the 3rd line is abut 40 seconds give or take.

Will I be spinning around?
Everyone will spin a little bit until they get the hang of it. Even most experienced riders can’t do much about it when the wind blows their way. This is in my opinion what makes it so much fun to ride.

Cedar Tower - launch pad for the 3rd zip lineAre you sure the equipment will hold?
Don’t worry about this. This is state-of-the-art high class equipment. The steel cable holds up to 22,000 lbs, the lanyard up to 5,000, the double-lock D-class carabiner and the harness each holds up to 3,600 lbs.

So I think you are well covered!

Riding Tips

This takes a lot of practice and you’ll only get better at it after 4-5 rides. Put two or three fingers from your leading hand on the carabiner attached to the leading lanyard (the short yellow belt). Don’t sweat it too much the staff will show you which one is it.

As you ride through and start twisting, gently turn your wrist in opposite direction. For example if you feel you’re about to turn left move your wrist to the right and vice versa. A slight easy turn is sufficient to re-adjust your position. It also helps if you start out going straight…it’s much harder to correct your position once you’ve twisted all the way through. As I said before don’t worry too much about it you’ll get the hang of it the more rides you do.

Controlling your riding speed
Rule of thumb: ball up to go faster, spread out to slow down.

In other words to pick up speed make yourself as small and tight as possible (knees up, hands tucked around the body, chin down to your chest) to reduce friction. The opposite is true if you want to slow down…spread your arms and legs as wide as possible like on a cross.

Happy Zip Line Riding at the Carolina Adventure World!

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  1. anyone know where is the south carolina trivia place i’ve read about (and can’t find the article again)?

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  7. Hi

    There is a daily pass fee of $25 for adults and $15 for children (3-17).

    You can still to do zipline. You’re equipped with a sit-in harness and there are 2 belts attached from the harness to the cable. The ride it’s quite smooth. You don’t have to do anything but enjoy the view.

    Thanks for your comments.

    P.S. They’ve just introduced another cool attraction at the park “The Black Ops Challenge”. You shoot at targets from a military vehicle.

  8. I would like to build a zip line course *

    *I have a lot of big BIG live oak trees*

    *Some 100 feet apart some 300 feet apart not a lot of hills but we do have a few feet change in elevation.*

    *We have a large number of people who come do our river tubing, I am looking for something else for them to do when they are here. *

    *I need info on who can do the design / construction where do you buy the equipment, the insurance etc. *

    *Any info. You can help me with will be greatly appreciated.*

    * *

    *John Fore *


    *33203 hwy 1019 *

    *Denham Springs**, La. 70706***

    *Fax 225 665 9248 *

    *Ph 225 938 2325*

    * e mail *

    * *

    • Hi John

      Thanks for stopping by. I’m just a tourist writing about family attractions in the Carolinas. So you’ll need to talk to the experts!

      I do know the company that designed the zipline at Carolina Adventure World is EBL. There is very good info (including a request design link) on their website.

      Good luck!


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