Watch Little Jedi Fight at Discovery Place, an incredible children science museum (Charlotte fun things to do with kids)

“The Force is With You” at the fun-packed Discovery Place, a wonderful children museum downtown Charlotte (309 N Tryon near intersection of W. Trade and 6th streets).

For $10 admission ticket ($8 for kids) you can roar with the dinosaurs, dig up fossils, blow-up stuff at the Little Einstein exhibit, be Leonardo Da Vinci for a day at the Machine Shop, watch little rats play basketball and try your skills inside the Virtual Reality room.

Big kids can even see the adrenaline pumping The Dark Knight movie on the IMAX screen (extra $11, shows on Thursday at midnight and Friday at 1, 4:50, 7:40 and 10:30 PM)

That’s sounds like guaranteed weekend fun worth shouting about!

Want more adventure for your family? Then go ATV riding and canopy zipping at Carolina Adventure World!

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