Cheer for your favorite animal at the Riverbanks Zoo Funny Summer Olympics

OK it’s not near the level of the Olympic Games in Beijing. But don’t tell that to the animals at Riverbanks Zoo downtown Columbia! They’ve trained and trained and are competing effervescently every day to put on a quality show just for you. The kids love to cheer them on. If nothing else is worth visiting the Zoo just to ride the instant children attraction the Spots and Stripes Railroad miniature train. You be the judge!

Wow the bears are really going at each other in the heavyweight wrestling event!
Bears wrestling at Riverbanks Zoo

Everyone said she’ll never make the Olympic team. Boy she proved them wrong! It’s such a beauty to see her conquer the pole vault. And all the monkeys are cheering and jumping the ropes as she attempts the world record!
howler monkey at Riverbanks Zoo

Complete silence in the stadium. The gorilla is deeply concentrating in her last attempt at the javelin event. If she wins, we are told there will be a Gorilla Presentation at 11:30 AM.

The track and field jewel, the zebras 100 meters dash it’s finally about to start. Expectations are high and there are talks of breaking both the world and Olympic records!

The goats proved impenetrable at the net in the volleyball competition! It helps being constantly fed by enthusiastic kids ($0.25 cents, however I’ll save the quarters and just pick up the food laying around all over the place)!
Goat feeding at the Riverbanks Zoo Animal Farm

She said this Funny Olympic Games will be her last. Such a shame to lose a queen platform diving sea lion! Don’t despair, you can still admire her and company daily at Riverbanks Zoo: Sea Lion Feeding at 10:30 AM and Sea Lion Training at 3 PM

She’s a rookie…but very talented and the pony delivers! Gold medal at the equestrian obstacle course. Pony rides are by far the main Zoo attraction for girls. They run daily from 10 AM – 3 PM and is 5 Safari Bucks per ride.
equestrian obstacle course at Riverbanks Zoo

The baboons continue their badminton tradition and claim first spot in the singles competition. Rumors has it the guy received extra grooming to keep his nerves in check!
baboon badminton at Riverbanks Zoo

Perfect landing and a statuesque body stance at vault individual apparatus event! The frilly lizard gets a whopping 16.900 the highest score today!

Here comes the lion in the Decathlon track and field event! The animals king looks a little rattled don’t you think? By the way the amazingly cute lions cubs where moved from the aviary exhibit. Don’t worry they’ll soon join the regular lions exhibit.
King Lion at Riverbanks Zoo

As usual it’s a nerve wrecking nail biting 4×100 medley race, the most sought after medal of all swimming events. Seems that the yellow stripped fish team has an edge at the butterfly exchange. Make sure to stick around for the Aquarium Dive Demonstration at 12:30 PM.
Aquarium exhibit at Riverbanks Zoo

The elephants are on a roll at the lift and jerk weightlifting event…yeah well when you weigh several tons I don’t think there is much competition to stack up against you!

Can the giraffe basketball dream team redeem itself and finally bring home the gold? So far so good. Autograph signings and feedings from 10:00 AM-1:30 PM daily (1 Safari Buck)
Giraffes feedings

What wonderful animal athletes! Live the Funny Olympic spirit daily at Riverbanks Zoo!


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