Chagall for Children: Peter Pan meets Alice in Wonderland at Edventure’s awesome art exhibit

Let your imagination flourish and your wildest dreams come to life at Edventure’s Chagall for Children art exhibit. Each station presents one of Marc Chagall’s magical paintings alongside a working area where kids can draw, weave, decorate and re-arrange the art the way they feel it. The exhibit let’s you experience a full range of art concepts and media such as self-portrait, layered images, collages, relief, mosaic, lithography and tapestry.

Dressing up The Rooster….

Dressing up The Rooster's tail

Dressing up The Rooster's tail

Do your self-portrait in red, blue and purple colors!

Family doing their portrait with the touch screen

Family doing their portrait with the touch screen

Discover the world through art using all your senses. Chagall for Children let’s kids touch, smell, listen to, see and feel the artistic creations…

Smelling the Flowers

Smelling the Flowers

Things to know before you go:

• The touch screen “do your own (family) portrait” station it’s the exhibit’s winner. We spent most of our time there goofing around taking different shots and experimenting with the colors. While kids have fun playing there you can read the descriptions and enjoy the art on your own terms.

• Make sure to pick up the Gallery Guide. It has 17 do-it-at-home (or in the class rooom) arts and crafts ideas. Lana’s favorited things to do were Reflections from a Spoon, The Story of The Flying Sleigh, and Faces, Colors and Moods.

• You can’t see and do it all in one visit. Luckily the exhibit is open through January 4, 2009 so you can come back and enjoy it to the fullest. I know we will.

• Admission to the museum is $6.95 for children 2-12 and $8.95 for adults. EdVenture is open Tuesday to Saturday 9 AM to 5 PM and Sunday noon to 5 PM. It is located downtown Columbia at 211 Gervais Street besides the SC State Museum. Parking is FREE.

At Edventure Children Museum “Art picks up where nature ends.”

Need more weekend ideas? Take your kids to Jumps-N-More where for only $6 they can jump, bounce, run the obstacle course, climb and knock down dinosaurs!


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  1. I absolutely love Chagall. I think it is just wonderful that these kids get to experience his artwork at such an early age. I am considering purchasing a chagall lithograph for my friend’s new baby as an investment for her. I think it will be much much more enjoyable than a savings bond (it won’t crash like the banks either). And it will appreciate in value as the little one grows older. I’m so excited.

    Thank you for sharing this art exhibit with me!

  2. Hi!

    My pleasure. We had a blast at the exhibit and at home “doing the artisitic exercises”. Lana already filled the guide with her interpreations.

    I highly encourage all parents to take their kids to see it.


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