What the Humvee, Ball bearings and Tour de France have in common? Hint, Da Vinci’s Machines in Motion

That’s right. The most creative and prolific inventor ever, put his genius mark on the world’s first armored tank operated from inside and the first bicycle, and he revolutioned construction with his ball bearings introduction…”Ball bearings. It’s all about ball bearings” đŸ™‚

Walking on water...with air filled leather bags

Walking on water...with air filled leather bags

Other firsts: the parachute, ornithopter (a premise to present day helicopter), machine gun, log cutting and metal sheet rolling machines.

Go see for yourself the fascinating Leonardo da Vinci: Machines in Motion exhibit at State Museum downtown Columbia. It’s $10 for adults and $7 for children (price includes admission to the entire museum).

There are 40 machines on display ALL made following Leonaerdo’s sketches and using only 15th century materials!

Here’s a family “playing” with Leonardo’s printing machine. Most of the fun is figuring out how his creations operate…

Get moving with Leonardo da Vinci!