EdVenture virtual tour – Where kids have fun!

Turn on the laughter, spark your imagination and free your spirit at the EdVenture Children Museum, the biggest indoor playground in Columbia, SC!

Driving the fire truck

Driving the fire truck

EdVenture is open 9AM – 5 PM Tuesday to Saturday and 12PM – 5PM on Sunday. You can also visit them during holidays and school breaks. Admission is $6.95 for children 1 year and older and $8.95 for adults. Parking is FREE.

Learning it’s always fun at EdVenture. Take a virtual tour to see for yourself:

Great Outdoors
Rain or shine, hot or cold kids love playing with water. From setting the giant wheel in motion to shooting water cannons to sending boats down the river.

Body Works
When was your last checkup? See how your tummy digests food, check your heart rates and clean your teeth…for real!

Journey through West Africa
Let’s dance with the African band! You got moves, they got grooves…Put on the cool costumes, see yourself on TV and drum on the tambourines.

Friendly Farm
Milk the angry cow, pick up the peaches, count the eggs and plow the land with a real John Deer tractor

Dalmatian Station
Be a firefighter for a day. Put on the gear, climb aboard a real fire truck, slide down the fire pole and go through the Dark Tunnel…scary!

Winter Exhibit Highlight

Get the inside scoop on Snowville the coolest place inside EdVenture!

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