The magnificent blackheaded bushmaster deadly strike

“If you are bitten by a Bushmaster, it is better to just lie down under a tree and rest, for you will soon be dead”

The snake is in position

The snake is in position

You can see this killing machine in action at the amazing Cape Fear Serpentarium in historic Wilmington (1 hour drive from North Myrtle Beach). Featured on Discovery Channel and Animal Planet the serpentarium has the world’s largest collection of venomous snakes.

Admission is only $8 and live snake feedings occur every weekend at 3PM.

There are over 100 species like the spitting cobra, black mamba, green Anaconda, 20 foot reticulated python, Gaboon vipers, Tropical rattlers, giant Fer-de-lance and even a Nile crocodile!

My favorite was the incredible blackheaded Bushmaster to which I’ve dedicated this post. Enjoy!

Blackheaded Bushmaster Facts and Trivia
• One of the rarest animals on earth it can only be found on a small peninsula in southeastern Costa Rica.

• Only snake known to exhibit courtship ritual before mating: the male performs an “upside down sawing” on top of the female.

• Although the bushmaster is the world’s longest venomous snake it has the smallest swallow threshold!

• Its environment consists of elevated forests with cool temperature and continuous drizzle. The Bushmaster adapted so it’s only basking the head in the sunlight keeping the rest of the body concealed.

• Method of catching prey: “strike and hold on” as illustrated in this video below:

What it feels like to be bitten by a bushmaster?

Cape Fear Serpentarium’s founder Dean Ripa is among the few survivors of a bushmaster bite. Initially he felt a strange euphoria. “The room seemed to have grown enormously large, and myself shrinking away. I saw beautiful purple colors.”

It didn’t last long.

Trust in me!

Trust in me!

• 15 minutes: nausea, uncontrollable drooling, intense throbbing and fast rising pulse

• 20 minutes: projectile vomiting and explosive diarrhea

• 25 minutes: chills, blood pressure drops, burning pain in the kidney area, rapid breathing

• 30 minutes: severe abdominal pain, continued vomiting and diarrhea, fluids oozing from swollen bite area

• 35 minutes: body numbness, inability to speak, undetectable blood pressure, feeble pulse

• 40 minutes: conscious but disinterest in fate, undetectable blood pressure and pulse.

You can guess what happens next…

Ready for the thrill of your lifetime?


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  2. […] Black-headed Bushmaster, although is the longest venomous snake it has the smallest swallow threshold of all pit vipers. […]

    • Article says Bushmaster is longest venomous snake in the world this is incorrect. The King Cobra of Asia is longest followed by Black Mamba of Africa. It is longest venomous snake in the New World.:-)

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  6. The Bushmaster is not the world’s longest venomous snake. The King Cobra (Ophiophagous hannah) owns that title.

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  8. Hi. Although the bushmaster is a magnificent reptile at 7′ you may find an 18′ King Cobra is the world longest venomous snake.

  9. Jack is correct. The Bushmaster is the world’s longest pit viper.

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