Think it up at Discovery Place! The best kids things to do in Charlotte

Everyone is an artist at Think It Up, the arts and crafts exhibit at Discovery Place museum downtown Charlotte. I wrote about Cool Stuff science and World Alive nature exhibits.
Think Up arts and crafts room Children Museum

Admission to Discovery Place is $12 adults, $10 seniors and $9 children 2-13 (plus $7 to park in the garage unless you’re lucky to find a spot on the street).

The museum is open daily, 9-4 Monday to Friday, 10-6 Saturday and 1-5 Sunday.

This post is about being smart and creative. You start with foil sculpting…

Then you move on to make your own fancy shoes and trendy leather accessories.

Arts and crafts fun making your own accessories

Explore the grace of moving air. Create your own air symphony using wind sockets!

Learn the power and fun of moving air

See how far can paper objects fly. Build your own UFO and let the wind turbine do the rest.

North Carolina best science museum

Finish up with a well deserved break on the dance floor.

Fun in the fog room science museum

Are you ready for some fun?

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