This blog is about free and affordable family attractions, fun places to see and cool people to meet in South Carolina. Get inside travel tips, photos and videos to help you make the most out of your vacation.

From children museums to funny zoo animal encounters, from peaceful beaches to mountain trails, from beautiful parks and gardens to Lowcountry mystery tales and ghost hunts.

I’m a “gypsy soul” passionate about hiking in the mountains, smelling the fresh cut grass and watching my daughter smile.

I love discovering all the little treasures the Carolinas have to offer through my child’s eyes.


Check out my children books, featuring Remy a witty elephant who loves helping children from Africa and India.

Buy Remy Elephant Book

Children books with Remy the Elephant


15 Responses

  1. I saw a link from the following post to my blog.

    Did you want to use my photo of Isle of Palms? I recently had to move my blog location so some links may have been broken along the way unfortunately.


  2. Great blog! Would you mind if I add a link to your site?


  3. Hi Andrew

    Thanks for stopping by. I believe WP automatically generated a link to your site based on “Isle of Palms” association. It does it under the “Related Posts (automatically generated)” section.

    Nice Flickr photos!


  4. Hello Kimberli

    Go ahead.

    Thanks for your nice comments!

  5. Wow !!! this is really really nice, wish I woulda seen this before my vacation to the Carolinas =)

  6. Hi Brad

    Appreciate your comments. I’ve been doing this for little over 3 months and I’m loving it. So much stuff to write about. There are a lot of very affordable places to visit and cool things to do in South Carolina that are not properly advertised.

    You need to come visit us again. No excuse not reading the blog now 🙂


  7. I am from New York and happened to find your blog. It has been a wonderful help in planning our vacation to South Carolina. Thank you.

    • Hi Patty

      I’m so happy to hear you say this. Glad I could help. I hope you have a great time in South Carolina!


  8. Spring Jubilee Arts and Crafts Festival in Pendleton SC is coming up on Easter Weekend April 3 and 4. Ya’ll come!

  9. Dear Ms. Elena,
    I would like to cite your blog about the Pirate exhibit for my 6th grade Social Studies Fair project, but I need to use your last name, if possible, to make the bibliography correct. Could you help me, please? If you don’t want to publish it on the web, could you please email it to me at the address above? thank you.

  10. Thank you anyway, but never mind! I saw it on a credit for a picture.

    • Thank you for your interest! Of course you can use the pictures, I’m glad I could help. My last name is Tudor.


  11. Just wanted to let you know that UniverSoul Circus is coming to Columbia, SC May 27-30 @ Benedict College Football Stadium . I try to take my nephews every year and we just LOVE it! Thought this might be a fun activity you would be interested in posting.

  12. I think this blog is great! I love that you have a section dedicated for things to do, sorted by Price. If anyone is ever in the Fort Mill area, be sure to check out Baxter Village, which features several great businesses (http://www.rjrlaw.com), bars, and restaurant!

  13. Thank you for this blog. We visited cherry grove preserve today and had a great time! We would not have known about it otherwise. Blessings! Oh, if you know, we spoke with a lady there who said there was great fishing at low tide at the inlet at the end of the preserve, but couldn’t find how to get there. Do you know?

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