Alligator Adventure: “The Reptile Capital of the World” photos, videos and travel tips at your fingertips

The Alligator Adventure zoological park is a must see family attraction when you visit North Myrtle Beach. Housed in the beautiful Barefoot Landing shopping center right in front of famous live music hangout The House of Blues the self-proclaimed “Reptile Capital of the World” is a guaranteed couple hours of wild, educational and fun times for the entire family.

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Tips to know before you go

1. Avoid “the alligator fatigue” (there are hundreds of them spread mostly at the front of the zoo) and start your tour at the other end where you see some of the park’s unique specimens.

Meet BoB the alligator without a TailHere you’ll meet the park’s most beloved guest, Bob, the alligator without a tail. Born right here at the zoo he is well taken care off.

Check out “The Swamp White Ghost” albino alligator. Legend says it will bring you good luck if you see one in the wild.
The Swamp Ghost Albino Alligator

Other notables: the fake Gharial and the real funny looking chinese Alligators.

You can also catch a glimpse of live medical action at the animal hospital.

2. Plan your visit after Spring Break if possible. This is when the live feedings start (alligators don’t eat anything during the winter!) Feeding Time at Alligator Adventure, gator leaping for food
As you can imagine the first feeding days are quite animated.

Best time of the day is between 11:00 AM (first feeding) and 1:00 PM (when Utan, the King of Crocs eats).
Feeding shows are every 2 hours.

Kid petting the baby alligator at the Reptile show

3. Young kids have a blast at the Reptile Show when they can pet snakes, turtles and a baby alligator. Nearby is a snack food stand. If you promise them ice cream they will wait quietly for the show to start.

4. The giant Galapagos turtles are also very popular with children of all ages. The “big puppies with shells”, love attention and are always on the move.
Giant Galapagos Turtles Charlie the male turtle is about 450 pounds. At 40 years old he is considered a teenager, just barely ready to mate.

Just for fun check the two Galapagos turtles “racing” on the premises video

5. You can get your second day at the park for free. Make sure to check your ticket at the gate before you leave. You can also save a buck or two if you buy your ticket online ahead of time.

Utan, The King of CrocsUtan, The King of Crocs is by far the park’s main attraction. At 20 feet long and weighing in at more than a ton, he is the largest crocodile to ever be exhibited in the United States. In case you’re wondering his jaws bite pressure is a mind boggling 5 tons PSI! If you want to see more photos with Utan check out this post.

Green Anaconda, the world's largest snake
The fully air-conditioned reptile amphitheater, considered one of the best reptile houses in any zoological park, houses an impressive assortment of exotic snakes, like the giant Green Anaconda. The world’s largest snake it can reach an estimated maximum length of over 37 feet. Other cold-blooded cuties are the Retriculated Python (which rivals the Anaconda in size and occasionally preys on deer), the beautiful Green Mamba and the magnificent albino Phyton.

The colorful blue and gold macaw may chat with you if they are in a good mood.

Gold and Blue Macaw may chat with you


Alligator Adventure, Hwy 17 at Barefoot Landing, North Myrtle Beach SC. Phone: (843)-361-0789. Admission Tickets: Adults $16.95, Seniors $14.95, Children ages 4-12 are $10.95. Discounts are available, and children 3 and under get in Free.

Check out some funny videos I took during my 2008 Easter visit: Alligator Leaping to Get Food and Coming off the water gators find a sunbathing place”.

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