The Edisto Gardens most frequent visitor: Elegant egret walking by the pond video

The most fun thing to do at the Edisto Memorial Gardens (besides smelling the roses) is watching the wild birds roaming the pond by the park entrance. They are very used to humans feeding them and will even pose so you can later show off your awesome wildlife encounters photos (or video as in my case 🙂 )…

Well come check out this wonderful top Southeast family travel destinations that, best of all, is FREE to enjoy! Read more about Edisto Memorial Gardens on my previous post.

Have an awesome family time visiting the South Carolina parks and gardens!


Dog Hula Dancing video – The Palmetto Sportsmen Classic at State Fairgrounds

Bet you can’t hold the hula that long! Kids and grown ups had a great time watching the show put on by Comedy Canines at The Palmetto Sportsmen’s Classic held March 28 – 30 on the state fairgrounds in Columbia South Carolina.

Dog Lovers of the World Unite and Have Fun in South Carolina!

Riverbanks Zoo Giant Turtles Eat From Your Hand video

This is as good as it gets at Riverbanks Zoo. Up close and personal with these puppy love cuties. That day the Galapagos turtles were particularly funny and friendly letting kids touch their shells and pet their scruffy heads.

Happy family vacation in South Carolina!

Little Mozart fun video at EdVenture Children Museum

Young kids have fun playing and even hopping on music at the EdVenture Children Museum. Who knows, maybe the next Mozart will come about! 
For more information on EdVenture see my previous post

Happy Carolina Vacation!

Amazing Teeth Cleaning at EdVenture Children Museum – video

Don’t you love you going to the dentist?! 🙂 Well here you go: EdVenture Children Museum is just the place to experience first hand how it may “sound and feel like”. And you can do it as many times as you can handle it. That noise just creeps me out!

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Happy Carolina Family Fun!