What about little kids? Myrtle Beach offers fun rides for young children at Broadway at the Beach

Wonder where to take your preschool kids for a fun outing in Myrtle Beach? The Pavilion Amusement Park at Broadway at the Beach has a dedicated section for little ones located near WonderWorks Soar and Explore. Each ride is $3 + tax. You’re better off buying in bulk (i.e. 9 rides for $20 + tax). The rides open at 12PM and run till dusk. Note this section is closed January through March, however the one next to the Aquarium is open year around.

Pavilion rides highlights
The “thriller” drop! Actually is a sequence of small hops, the kids go gaga over…I quit after my first ride and instead focused on documenting my daughter’s adventure.

Myrtle Beach old Pavilion children rides

Cmon mom, hop on little froggy!

All NASCAR drivers started at Speedcar…This is a bump free car chase. The apex is the fast turn, that is swishing the kids around at high speed.

future Nascar racers

Whee! She did it 4 times in a row

My favorite was the Ferris Wheel ride. It’s relaxing and you get a spectacular view of the entire Broadway at the Beach area, including the lake, restaurants, promenade bridges and attractions.

Get a bird eye view from the ferris wheel

Up in the air at Broadway at the Beach

Mayday, mayday! Kids fly 1940s style airplanes, by lifting the plane and shooting at King Kong (not my choice for a target)

King Kong Pavilion airplane kids rides

Look at me, I am a real pilot!

My daughter got the honor to “operate” the Broadway Line locomotive while I got to ride in the back with the commoners. Beware of the giant chicken and the green dinosaur!

Pavilion mini train ride Broadway at the Beach

Is so fun to run the train!

Of course no visit is complete without riding the carousel

Myrtle Beach Nostalgia Carousel ride

Always a kids favorite


Stars shine at Ingram Planetarium! Family Fun in Sunset and North Myrtle Beach

“Twinkle, twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are!”

Reach for the stars at Ingram Planetarium in beautiful Sunset Beach NC. The fun packed observatory just half an hour away between North Myrtle Beach and Wilmington.

Admission is $8 for adults, $6 for seniors, $4 for kids 3-5 years old and free for those 2 and under. Ingram Planetarium is opened Friday and Saturday from 12:30 to 5PM and astronomy shows start at 1PM.

Ingram Planetarium

Ingram Planetarium

Fun things to play with at the Planetarium

Race into Space! – Shoot water at astronauts toys to see who gets up faster.

• Nebula Ball – Watch the light respond to your touch and gather around your palm and fingers to create beautiful swirling formations.

• Bernoulli’s Lift Off – Make an airplane fly. Fast moving air over the wings creates lift causing an airplane to fly. Same is true on a race car, the faster the air, the faster the car drives.

• Gravity Machine – Let gravity draw art for you!

Grownups love it too!

Grownups love it too!

• Hear sounds coming from Pan’s Pipes – Pan was half man half goat that entertained Gods by singing on a flute he made from hollow reeds. Sound is a form of energy that is transmitted by vibrations called sound waves. The pipes trap sound in the room and channel it to your ear. The shorter the pipe the higher the pitch.

• Measure electromagnetic radiation using Crookes “light mill” – The radiometer is an airtight glass bulb containing partial vacuum. The vanes rotate when exposed to light. The more light the faster they go.

• Watch cool NASA movies. Did you know the Solar wind output is at 50 year low?

Look mom I'm flying into space!

Look mom I'm flying into space!

Special Events at Ingram Planetarium
(beware the planetarium will be closed May 1 through 22 as it goes digital!)
• March 14: Space and Pi Day
Celebrate the number 3.14 and other math games. Space Day activities.
• April 2 – 4: 100 Hours of Astronomy
Look through a telescope as Galileo did 400 years ago.
• 3rd Friday and Saturday of each month: Rock ‘n’ Roll Laser Shows

March 20 and 21 – 5PM Hypnotica, 6PM Laseropolis, 7PM Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”
April 17 and 18 – 5PM Pop, 6PM Beatles, 7PM Led Zeppelin

Here is a list with the songs played during each show.

Experience the sky legends at Ingram Planetarium!

Myrtle Beach mini golf “I like to move it!” Jungle Safari crazy play with zebras, giraffe and elephants

It’s late afternoon, the kids are restless and you’re running out of “things-to-do” options. Besides where can you take your rambunctious crowd without starting a rout and breaking the bank?

I’ll tell you where: At Jungle Safari mini-golf!

Jungle Safari mini-golf

Jungle Safari mini-golf

It’s a jungle themed park, perfect for young families and cheap outdoor evening outings. Little kids love the place filled with giraffes, baby elephants and zebras. Lana was more interested climbing the animal sculptures than playing golf. At every other hole we sang and danced to Madagascar’s “I like to move it, move it…”


Pretty Myrtle Beach course

It’s cheap too (unlike the much coveted Ripley’s attractions) with just $8 for adult. Can’t tell how much it’s for kids. The guy at the ticket booth let my daughter get in for FREE. That’s great customer service worth shouting about!

Jungle Safari is located on 7101 N. Kings Hwy. Here is a list and map with other great family attractions in and around the Grand Strand.

Climbing zebra at Jungle Safari

Climbing zebra at Jungle Safari

More fun things to do under $10

• Visit the wild and unusual Waccatee Zoo ($12 adult / $4 children)

• Let your imagination flourish at the Children Museum of South Carolina ($7 admission)

Join the Pavilion tea cup party ($3 per ride), soak in the water show and feed hungry fish (FREE) at Broadway at the Beach

• Test your navigation skills at the exciting Mirror Maze inside Barefoot Landing ($7 all day admission)

“Pet” alligators and roam the mysterious Atalaya Castle at Huntington Beach State Park ($5 park admission)

Enjoy your Myrtle Beach family vacation!