What about little kids? Myrtle Beach offers fun rides for young children at Broadway at the Beach

Wonder where to take your preschool kids for a fun outing in Myrtle Beach? The Pavilion Amusement Park at Broadway at the Beach has a dedicated section for little ones located near WonderWorks Soar and Explore. Each ride is $3 + tax. You’re better off buying in bulk (i.e. 9 rides for $20 + tax). The rides open at 12PM and run till dusk. Note this section is closed January through March, however the one next to the Aquarium is open year around.

Pavilion rides highlights
The “thriller” drop! Actually is a sequence of small hops, the kids go gaga over…I quit after my first ride and instead focused on documenting my daughter’s adventure.

Myrtle Beach old Pavilion children rides

Cmon mom, hop on little froggy!

All NASCAR drivers started at Speedcar…This is a bump free car chase. The apex is the fast turn, that is swishing the kids around at high speed.

future Nascar racers

Whee! She did it 4 times in a row

My favorite was the Ferris Wheel ride. It’s relaxing and you get a spectacular view of the entire Broadway at the Beach area, including the lake, restaurants, promenade bridges and attractions.

Get a bird eye view from the ferris wheel

Up in the air at Broadway at the Beach

Mayday, mayday! Kids fly 1940s style airplanes, by lifting the plane and shooting at King Kong (not my choice for a target)

King Kong Pavilion airplane kids rides

Look at me, I am a real pilot!

My daughter got the honor to “operate” the Broadway Line locomotive while I got to ride in the back with the commoners. Beware of the giant chicken and the green dinosaur!

Pavilion mini train ride Broadway at the Beach

Is so fun to run the train!

Of course no visit is complete without riding the carousel

Myrtle Beach Nostalgia Carousel ride

Always a kids favorite


Fun kids rides at Broadway at the Beach, affordable family entertainment outdoors

Up in the air!

Giant boat swing Myrtle beach fun

Wild ride on the giant Pirate Ship

The Pavilion Nostalgia Amusement Park at Broadway at the Beach offers fun rides for the entire family.

This post features the year around rides, located behind Ripley’s Aquarium.

There is another group of rides geared for younger kids, on the other side of the walkway, next to WonderWorks’ “Soar and Explore” zipline and ropes challenge course.

Every ride is $3 + tax. You’re better off buying in bulk (i.e. 9 rides for $20 + tax).

All rides open at 12PM and run till dusk.

Here are the photos and few videos with the most exciting rides:

Broadway at the Beach just for kids fun rides
It would make your head spin…dangling high up in the air at breaking-neck speed, what’s not to like?! Here’s the video…

Out of control giant carousel Broadway at the Beach

I am getting dizzy mom! Riding the old Wave Swinger in Myrtle Beach

My daughter’s favorite ride! She did 3 times in a row (keep in mind it travels super fast forward and backwards)…I’m surprised she didn’t get sick!

What kids love to do Broadway at the Beach

Now is going backwards!

What little kids would love to ride

The 1912 Herschell Spillman carousels one of the world’s few originals still operating. It’s elaborate design features hand-painted lions, zebras, ostriches, frogs and horses.

Old carousel ride Nostalgic Pavilion Amusement Park

1912 Herschell Spillman carousel, one of the oldest in the country and few remaining in the world.

Probably the most easy going ride at Broadway at the Beach

Broadway at the Beach just for kids entertainment

Free Willy!

If you can’t handle the giant one, hop on the kiddie version…hey, not everyone is Jack Sparrow!

Rides for little kids at Broadway at the Beach

Arrrgh! Ahoy mates, welcome aboard!

Perfect ride for toddlers and very young kids

Fun rides for little children Broadway at the Beach

Captain Nemo at your service...

Here are more fun and affordable kids activities in the area as well as printable coupons to the best Myrtle Beach attractions.

The fun is devine in Myrtle Beach!