Funny Signs and Encounters in Myrtle Beach and Lancaster

What’s a road trip without some funny encounters? In our recent Myrtle Beach family weekend and getaway on the picturesque South Carolina backcountry roads, we saw some funny signs and pets worth shouting about:

Ocean Creek Resort in Myrtle Beach close to Barefoot Landing and the Alligator Adventure zoo. We had a great time during the Easter weekend at this beautiful all inclusive private resort. Slow Security Funny SignOur 3 years old loved splashing around at the kiddies pool and the hot Southern style morning breakfast was terrific. I liked the intimate private beach and little canal (took some awesome sunset photos and videos) and the fact the hotel had free high-speed wireless Internet access throughout the complex.

They should probably revisit their signage…:-) don’t be fooled by it, the staff was very professional and there is 24 hour security patrolling all around the premises (in golf carts).

Alligator Adventure
If you’re in Myrtle Beach then you must visit the Alligator Adventure, Haired Tarantula Exhibit at Alligator Adventurethe self-proclaimed “Reptile Capital of the World”. Here is a list with an in-depth review of the zoo, incredible photos and an alligator feed-frenzy and galapagos turtle racing videos…just in case you need more ammo to make up your mind.
Check out the Rose Haired Tarantula exhibit and you may run nose to nose with…Spiderman!

Lancaster Indian Landing
This Funny Intersection in Lancaster is a cute little town (although growing very rapidly) close to Charlotte and near the North Carolina border. Some of the outdoor attractions in the area: Andrew Jackson state park, Great Falls Dam and Lake Wataree (awesome for fishing).

On the road again… A die hard biker maybe on its way to the lake. Dog Biker at Lake Wataree

Keep on laughing in South Carolina!


Siamang Monkeys’ Loud Love Song at Greenville Zoo

You can hear them loud and clear from anywhere inside the Greenville Zoo. Siamang monkeys are by far the zoo’s biggest attraction and a kids magnet.

Who can resist their love and territorial fighting song? 🙂

Find out what Greenville Zoo has to offer and get inside tips here.

Happy Family Travel in Greenville South Carolina!

Havana the Dog dancing at SC Palmetto Sportsmen Festival – video

That Havana dog got some moves. It’s irresistible! Entire family has a blast watching these four legged wonders (part of Comedy Canines) perform at the South Carolina Sports and Outdoor Exhibit located at the state fairgrounds.

Kids and pets keep having fun in Columbia South Carolina

The funniest residents in Charleston South Carolina

Charleston is now revving with visitors from all over the world, eager to experience the city’s rich history, amazing architecture and exquisite gardens during the month long Spring Houses and Gardens Tours.

Most locals welcome the extra traffic, but some will rather keep to themselves. Like the King Street’s (where else!) majestic “neighborhood greeter”. He didn’t tell me his real name, but he’s quick to point out that four legged visitors just wonder around up and down the street oblivious to rules and order! 🙂

Dog wondering the street in Charleston South Carolina
Those of you that plan to hang around a little longer please stop by “Sophisticated Whimsy” on Broad Street and “indulge in some free putting lessons” from the town’s best golfers. At least we can all agree they are very well dressed!

Funny Golfers in Charleston South Carolina

Happy Travelling in South Carolina!

Riverbanks Zoo Bird Mating Dance video

Shot this funny video at Riverbanks Zoo last weekend. Some of the things guys will do and go through just to get our attention. Watch the female at the end of the video (on the left side of the screen). She could care less about all that samba, rumba, cha-cha, mambo 🙂

Gotta get better moves!

Get valuable tips from my previous post on Riverbanks.

Keep on having fun in beautiful South Carolina!

Amazing Teeth Cleaning at EdVenture Children Museum – video

Don’t you love you going to the dentist?! 🙂 Well here you go: EdVenture Children Museum is just the place to experience first hand how it may “sound and feel like”. And you can do it as many times as you can handle it. That noise just creeps me out!

Read more about the wonderful EdVenture exhibits on my previous post:

Happy Carolina Family Fun!

See the World’s Smallest Police Station in Ridgeway (on your way to Myrtle Beach)

Ridgeway, South Carolina is home to the world’s smallest police station. Originally built as a watering station for horses, it served as Ridgeway’s police station from 1940 to 1990. It’s as big as a toll booth!
Old Police Station in Ridgeway South CarolinaIf you’re lucky (or just plain smart!) to travel on scenic highway 34 on your way to Myrtle Beach make sure to check it out.

In case you are wondering, Ridgeway boasts one of the lowest crime rates in the state and the nation.

Old and new police stations in Ridgeway South Carolina

Don’t feel too bad about the size, the police crew was eventually upgraded to a bigger building, located right beside the old one. It has an extra room. Now that’s a raise 🙂

Travel tip #1: Make sure to go way below the speed limit (25mph) as you’re driving through Ridgeway. You can thank me later.

Eat at Olde Town Hall restaurant in Ridgeway South Carolina
If hungry, go to the Olde Towne Hall (can’t miss it, the big red brick building near the police station). The restaurant is located in the original Town Hall whihc was built in 1904 and it still has some of the jail cells in the back. The food is just good ole country cooking: plenty, juicy, meaty and delicious. The chicken wings are “made in Heaven” and the raw fries will bring you to tears (in case you must share).

Travel tip #2: Keep kids entertained by asking them to guess the numebr of Target trucks that will go by. This works best during dinner time. Believe it or not one dinner during Christmas week we counted 6 in row! Only in South Carolina backcountry in the little town named Ridgeway…the center of discount retailing!

Happy Travelling!